12 best recent comedy movies to see

12 best recent comedy movies to see

comedy movies to see

Laughing is good for your health. And, since its inception, cinema has had among its primary objectives that of entertaining the viewer, giving them moments of escape from reality in front of the screen. From the time of Totò to the present day, comedy has taken on different forms and shades. It declining in the most disparate genres, from comedy to sentimental or action films.

Precisely because there are so many films full of laughter and for all tastes. We have decided to offer you some of the most beautiful releases in recent years. Aa The Bride’s Friends to I Can Quit Whenever I Want, from The Hangover 3 to Isn’t It Romantic? here are the best recent comedy movies you absolutely must-see.

  1. Eurovision Song Contest – The Story Of The Fire Saga (2020)

Let’s start our list of the best comedy films of recent years with a 2020 film starring Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan, Dan Stevens, and Demi Lovato: Eurovision Song Contest – The Story of the Fire Saga. Set in Iceland, the film follows the vicissitudes of Lars Erickssong (Ferrell) and Sigrit Ericksdottir (McAdams), two singers who are close friends who share a great dream: to participate in Eurovision together as Fire Saga. The film, directed by David Dobkin. It is a funny parody that plays on the stereotypes of all ethnic groups, without exception.

  1. Don’t Marry My Daughters! (2014)

2014 film directed by Philippe de Chauveron, Don’t Marry My Daughters! tells the story of an extremely conservative Catholic family from Chinon (France), consisting of Claude ( Christian Clavier ), Marie, and their four daughters. The marriages of the three older ones with as many second-generation immigrants cause quite a few headaches to the Verneuil spouses, who are not very tolerant of multiculturalism. They, therefore, hope, for their youngest child, a union with a French boy, Catholic and from a good family. Obviously, this will not be the case.

  1. The Hangover 3 (2013)

The third chapter of the beloved film series that began in 2009, The Hangover 3 sees the four old friends sucked back into an abyss of perdition and misadventures. This time, Doug ( Justin Bartha ) is kidnapped by a squadron of hitmen headed by Marshall ( John Goodman ); the criminal group has an unfinished business with the evil Leslie Chow ( Ken Jeong ), who has escaped from the maximum-security prison in which he was locked up. Alan ( Zach Galifianakis ), Phil ( Bradley Cooper ). And Stu ( Ed Helms ) must, therefore, find Chow and deliver him to the gang in order to save his friend’s life.

  1. Three Men And A Sheep (2011)

Londoner David ( Xavier Samuel ) and Australian tourist Mia ( Laura Brent ) meet during a holiday on the island of Tuvalu and the spark immediately strikes between the two. Determined to get married soon, David invites his best friends Luke ( Tim Draxl ), Graham ( Kevin Bishop ), and Tom ( Kris Marshall ) to Australia, where the wedding will take place on the girl’s family estate. Despite the initial skepticism of Mia’s parents, everything seems to be going well; until Ramsey, a ram to which the bride’s father is very attached disappears from the stable. Three Men and a Sheep is a 2011 film directed by Stephan Elliott.

  1. Sole A Catinelle (2013)

Wanting to move on to Made in Italy production, if we think of the best comic films to see we certainly cannot fail to mention Sole a catinelle, a 2013 film written and starring Checco Zalone directed by Gennaro Nunziante. When his son Nicolò is promoted with full marks, Checco Zalone, who emigrated from the south and resides in Padua, is forced to keep his promise made long ago: to give the boy a dream summer vacation. The problem is that the man finds himself penniless and with a big debt to pay.

  1. The Wrong Missy (2020)

If you are looking for a romantic comedy that will literally make you die of laughter, The Wrong Missy is definitely the movie for you. After a disastrous blind date between Tim, a successful but sentimentally awkward employee, and Missy, a woman as exuberant as she is neurotic, the man decides he never wants to see her again. Fate, however, will get in the way and the two will find themselves spending a vacation together in Hawaii, on the occasion of a corporate event organized by Tim’s boss. Absolutely irresistible the comic duo formed by the actors David Spade and Lauren Lapkus.

  1. Jumanji – Welcome To The Jungle (2017)

When laughter meets the adventure genre, a film like Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle is born. Sequel to the famous 1995 film starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan, the film kicks off in 1996, one year after the conclusion of the previous events. The boxed game, this time, takes on the appearance of a video game to be more palatable in the eyes of Alex, its new owner. As happened to Alan Parrish before him, once the game begins, the boy is dragged into a world full of pitfalls. Ten years later, a group of high schoolers picks up the game where it left off.

  1. The Lego Movie (2014)

Who said that comedy films can’t also be in an animated version? The Lego Movie shows us that even the famous brick characters can be really hilarious when animated in stop motion. In this first chapter of the saga, we follow the vicissitudes of Emmet Mattonowski (voiced in the original by Chris Pratt ), an ordinary Lego man who works as a worker on a construction site. Mistaken for a superhero, Emmet must manage to avert a terrible apocalypse planned by Lord Business.

  1. Bad Neighbors (2014)

Mac ( Seth Rogen ) and Kelly ( Rose Byrne ) are young couples who, due to the birth of their baby daughter, decide to abandon their old and partying lifestyle. Problems arise when the headquarters of a fraternity known for its outrageous parties, Delta Psi Beta, is moved right into the house next to theirs. Bad Neighbors, a 2014 film directed by Nicholas Stoller, also has a sequel: Bad Neighbors 2.

  1. I Can Stop When I Want – Masterclass (2017)

Midquel from the 2014 film I quit when I want, I quit when I want – Masterclass sees Pietro Zini ( Edoardo Leo ) as the only member of the gang who ended up in prison, after being held by the judges solely responsible for the events that occurred previously. However, in prison, Peter has found a job as a science teacher which gratifies him. And allows him to support the incoming son. Therefore, the proposal of inspector Paola Colletti ( Greta Scarano ) to get the gang back on its feet to collaborate with the police in the fight against smart drugs comes completely unexpected.

  1. The Bride’s Friends (2011)

Annie’s ( Kristen Wiig ) life is a disaster; dumped by her boyfriend, with a failed work project and no money aside. The woman approaches forty with very few prospects of life. The icing on the cake (wedding): her best friend Lillian ( Maya Rudolph ) is about to marry a wealthy banker and asks her to embark on the no-nonsense task of being her bridesmaid and planning the wedding. Annie accepts, not knowing that the worst part will be meeting the other bridesmaids. Friends of the Bride is a 2011 film directed by Paul Feig.

  1. Murder Mystery (2020)

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are the protagonists of Murder Mystery. It a hilarious film that, skilfully mixing different genres, never ceases to alternate suspense, sentiment, and, of course, laughter. Nick and Audrey Spitz, a New York cop and his hairdresser wife, take a trip to Europe for that honeymoon they never managed to do. On the outward flight, however, the two will meet a wealthy man who, inviting them on the family yacht, will drag them into a story of murders and secrets.