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The seven best Netflix comedy series to laugh at

We review some of the best comedy series that you can find on the streaming platform. Your cheeks are going to hurt from laughing so much with ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Never have I’, ‘Modern family’ and more.

If what you are looking for is to have a laugh on Netflix, this is the list you were looking for. We know that there are many titles on the streaming platform and it is difficult to decide. But we give you precise reasons to make the decision much easier. And it is that all these series that we put here will make you have a good time. For different reasons, from different genres and formats. And with characters of all kinds. There is no margin for error. They are, in addition to being tremendously fun, some of the best series of the moment.

There are few things more grateful than hitting the ‘Next Episode’ button in a good comedy series after a day of hard work. And it’s not always easy to find that perfect option. For example, those who enjoy teenage scenarios and the ‘coming-of-age’ can bet on titles such as the successful ‘ Sex Education ‘, an exploration of youth from the confusion over sex and family problems, and also the recent ‘ Never have I ‘, which between joke and joke also deals with loss. If instead, you are looking for something more in the style of ‘sitcom’, the kind that gives you familiar spaces and does not move too much from there, you cannot miss the iconic ‘ Community ‘, set in a university with the most eccentric personalities, Day by day ‘, a classic situation comedy that follows a Cuban family in the United States (on top of that it features the Oscar-winning Rita Moreno from’ West Side Story ‘, which is unbeatable). And if you want more original and different proposals? We also have: don’t miss ‘ Crazy Ex Girlfriend’, which mixes comedy with musicals, and ‘ American Vandal ‘, which pokes fun at ‘true crime’ formats by creating its own in the context of youth vandalism.

The Office

best Netflix comedy series

What it’s about: Like its British predecessor (led by Ricky Gervais), this legendary series follows the everyday life of eccentric office workers organized by a chaotic leader ( Steve Carell ).

Why it’s worth it: For a reason, it is considered perhaps the best comedy series of all time. Or at least it is the one that has generated the most memes on social networks for years, being acclaimed by fans around the world and imitated by the series that followed it. It’s just hilarious. To not stop laughing for a second.


What’s it about: That’s the big question! ‘Seinfeld’ has become famous for being a series that really is not about anything, but it is about everything. Let’s just say: follow the daily adventures of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his eccentric friends Elaine ( Julia Louis-Dreyfus ), Constanza ( Jason Alexander ), and Kramer ( Michael Richards ) in New York.

Why it’s worth it: Because it’s one of those comedy series with the potential to change your life. Are we exaggerating? Not at all. She is so fun, daring, intelligent, and fascinating that she will make you enter her universe and never leave. You just have to give her a chance to verify that everything good they say about her is true. And more, much more!

Modern Family

What’s up: It narrates the day-to-day life of a macro-family that is separated into three very different nuclei, from the marriage between Jay Pritchett ( Ed O’Neill ) and his young wife Gloria Delgado ( Sofia Vergara ), mother of Manny ( Rico Rodríguez ) to the relationship between lawyer Mitchell ( Jesse Tyler Ferguson ) and Cameron Tucker ( Eric Stonestreet ), through the family formed by Claire ( Julie Bowen ), Phil Dunphy ( Ty Burrell ) and their 3 children, Haley ( Sarah Hyland ), Alex ( Ariel Winter ) and Luke ( Nolan Gould ).All well mixed and scrambled.

Why it’s worth it: Not for nothing has it become one of the most followed and beloved series of our time, a true public success. His stories are hilarious, and his mockumentary style, in which the characters make statements on camera in their own confessionals, have left moments for history. When you see it, you will want to repeat it.

Dead To Me

What’s It About: Created by Liz Feldman, it follows a recently widowed woman, Jen ( Christina Applegate ), who isn’t as interested in getting over her loss as she is in finding out who killed her husband. In this context, Judy ( Linda Cardellini ) appears, another widow who instills him with positivity and joy, and who helps him in his research.

Why it’s worth it: Because the chemistry between Applegate and Cardellini is wonderful, and it forms the heart of a series that mixes comedy series and drama in a very balanced way. No, it may not be the series that will make you laugh out loud, but its harshest or most emotional plots do not detract from its most comical moments.

How I Met Your Mother

What it’s about: The story is narrated by Ted ( Josh Radnor ), who is telling his two sons how he met their mother. But, up to that point, life took many turns: we see the adventures of Ted and his group of friends, formed by his womanizer friend Barney ( Neil Patrick Harris ), his crush Robin ( Cobie Smulders ), and the couple formed by Lily ( Alyson Hannigan ) and Marshall (Jason Segel).

Why it’s worth it: Because it followed in the wake of ‘Friends’ with a very similar ‘sitcom’ format and a group of friends who live day to day with a great sense of humor. Thus, he ended up finding his own voice (and his fans), and now it has become one of the comic series that you would always leave on if you found it on a television channel. But why not start all over again?

The Kominsky Method

What it’s about: A veteran actor (Michael Douglas) makes a living teaching acting classes even though his own career never really got off the ground. Still, he remains in close contact with his agent and friend (Alan Arkin), who has just become a widower and sees the world as a great bottomless cesspool.

Why it’s worth it: Created by Chuck Lorre (yes, the architect behind the super successful ‘The Big Bang Theory), it is a charismatic and fun series, both adjectives also applicable to its great protagonists. Douglas and Arkin are a great duo to speak in a comedy series key of old age and life’s frustrations.


What it’s about: This comedy series plunges us into a study group at Greendale Community College, where a series of misfits and weirdos who find crazy ways to have fun end up. A class is full of different personalities and stories that unfold in the craziest and funniest ways possible.

Why it’s worth it: It’s one of the great sitcoms of our time, and it’s about time you sank your teeth into it. Not only was it an incredible quarry for great comedic actors and actresses (like Alison Brie, Donald Glover, or Gillian Jacobs), but it innovated in unexpected ways with form and narrative, with numerous chapters directed by the Russo Brothers (yes, the from ‘ Avengers: Endgame ‘) that are magnificent.

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The best movies of 2021 (Updated September 2021)

Choosing the best movies of 2021 could seem an impossible undertaking. The difficulties that cinema is going through in the current situation.  With titles that delay their release date until the public can return to theaters normally.

However, the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO, Amazon Prime, Movistar Plus, Filmin, or Apple TV has allowed us this year to accumulate a good handful of films that stand out for their quality and that has reaped the applause from the public and critics.

With seemingly discreet films like Palm Springs or Minari, even comebacks-event like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, going through blockbusters as spectacular as Dune, the truth is that 2021 is not being a blank year for a cultural industry that faces the greatest challenge in its history.

The Best Movies Of 2021 (So Far)


We’ve always wanted to see Russell Crowe unleashing himself in his most Falstaffian version, and this action thriller about a particularly crappy case of road violence delivers. And how.

Fragments Of A Woman

Vanessa Kirby confirms what British theater critics have been trying to tell us for a long time: that she is one of the best actresses of her generation. This drama about the trauma of losing a newborn child could be your passport to Oscar.

One Night In Miami …

best movies of this year

Watchmen’s Sister Night, Regina King, directs this chamber piece imagined by playwright Kemp Powers. What did Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown talk about the night they celebrated the champion’s win against Sonny Liston? Of the past, present, and future of the United States, of course.

In Fabric

You are not prepared for the places where this magnificent comedy and horror mix directed by the always fascinating Peter Strickland will drag you. Nor are you going to see female haute couture with the same eyes … We will warn you.

Fellini Of The Spirits

It is one hundred years since the birth of one of the greatest filmmakers (Italian, European, world) of all time. This documentary celebrates his life and his art through a lot of interviews and archive images, some of them unpublished.

The Excavation

One of those best movies that aren’t afraid to tackle deep issues from a demanding point of view, all rounded out by the performances of Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes. British period romance. Little joke.

Below Zero

Fans of suspense films made in Spain can go out onto the balcony to celebrate this stupendous bombshell, endowed with atmospheric precision and very, very interesting narrative tempo control.

Palm Springs

Trapped in time for a new generation, although the truth is that this sensational romantic-fantasy comedy is not satisfied with being a mere imitation of its model. We would eat the leading couple directly.


Hey, it’s Justin Timberlake, Serious Performer ™, a side of him we haven’t seen for a long time. And thank goodness, because his work as an ex-con who assumes the role of mentor for a very special boy is above average when it comes to singers/actors.

The Assistant

Claustrophobic study on the #MeToo era that finds in the interpretation of Julia Garner the best asset on which to build a discourse that is not obvious … and highly disturbing.

Raya And The Last Dragon

A future Disney animated classic that deals with a series of incredibly serious topics with the same dynamism that its animators have managed to impress on each of its characters.

Minari. Family History

Captivating family drama and quintessentially American story, no matter how much the Golden Globes made the mistake of nominating it in the non-English language film category.

The Mole Agent

This amazing mix of documentary and detective fiction needs to be seen to be believed.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The Snyder Cut is finally a reality: four hours of superhero epic as had not been seen until now. Simply the scale of this blockbuster already makes it mute.


The brand-new Oscar winner addresses a subject with naturalism and poetry, the precariousness of a North American working class who is forced to move with seasonal work, which would also have led to a heated complaint.

The Last Duel

Ridley Scott’s The Old Fox gives us one of the most remarkable films of his present creative stage, where the classicism of his staging is mixed with a good handful of extremely clever script decisions to launch a most pertinent message.

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Paquita Salas Season 4, when does it premiere?

Have you heard about the Paquita Salas series? One of the best representatives of artists in the nineties. An original Netflix comic series, which is very much enchanting the general public. So fans have shown interest in knowing when Paquita Salas Season 4 will be released. In this post, we will discover the answer and more about the future of the Paquita Salas series. Keep reading!

When does Paquita Salas Season 4 premiere?

Paquita Salas was the best actor representative in the 1990s. Now everything in her environment has changed. However, she has not. When Marcela García, her best-known actress, leaves her unexpectedly, her world is reeling. However, together with Magüi, his inseparable assistant, and Alex, a delivery man who has just become part of the family.

Paquita uncovers a new talent. Something that will make you regain your place in the profession. A series directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrosi. Starring: Brays Efe (Paquita Salas) it is a comic series that premiered through Flooxer and then aired on the Neox channel.

Subsequently, Netflix acquired all the exclusive rights and premiered the first season on July 6, 2016. Then he renewed the second season on June 29, 2018, and two years later, the third season on September 30, 2020. Paquita Salas has a total of 3 seasons with a total of 16 episodes.

When does Paquita Salas premiere season 4?

We know that the Paquita Salas series has enchanted a large number of fans. From what we have noticed, although a year has passed since the 3rd season was released, the fans have not lost interest in knowing when season 4 premieres?

On September 30, 2020, the creators of the series confirmed during an interview with Los Javis on RNE that there would be season 4. It is worth mentioning that the creators’ agenda is full of new projects, which is why it continues awaiting renewal.

And although there is still no specific release date for this fourth installment, we can deduce that it will most likely arrive in late 2021 or early 2022.

What do we hope to see in Paquita Salas Season 4?

Many fans have wondered what they could see in season 4 of Paquita Salas and what it will be about. However, in history, we could see a Paquita about motherhood. Also, her past and her idea of ​​procreating.

For her part, she could stop behaving like the mother of the actresses she represents. So we think that she will fill that void by becoming a mother in the next episodes that we look forward to.

Cast by Paquita Salas

Paquita Salas season 4 possibility

Regarding the cast of season 4, we still do not know who they will be. But what is almost certain that we will see again is the talented Brays Efe as the protagonist playing Paquita Salas. We could see new characters interpreting the new participants in charge of Paquita.

Next, let’s get to know the cast of Paquita Salas.

  • Brays Efe as: Paquita Salas
  • Belén Cuesta as: Magüi Moreno
  • Lidia San José as: Lidia San José
  • Alex de Lucas as: Alex de Lucas
  • Yolanda Ramos as: Noemí Argüelles
  • Anna Castillo as: Belén de Lucas
  • Mariona Teres as: Mariona Teres
  • Belinda Washington as: Belinda Washington

Tell us in the comments if you would like to see Paquita Salas Season 4.

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7 curiosities about Heath Ledger’s Joker

Several years have passed, but the movie The Dark Knight and his Joker remain in the collective memory. Heath Ledger delivered a unique rendering of Batman’s most iconic villain. It’s a shame Heath Ledger, the actor who played him, died long after filming was completed. Not only was the world deprived of a very talented actor, but we could also no longer see this character return in a future movie. However, this is not an article to regret. Let’s remember and celebrate this historical performance with some curiosities.

1. Find the madness of the character in isolation

Initially, even before the Batman Begins recordings, Heath Ledger applied for the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman and even participated in auditions. Although director Christopher Nolan preferred actor Christian Bale for the role, he was impressed with Ledger’s performance. For Nolan, Heath would be perfect for playing the Joker after the movie, and the role was offered directly to him.

Heath Ledger was delighted to play Batman’s greatest villain and readily accepted the assignment. To better prepare for the role, the actor isolated himself in a hotel room for 43 days. His intention in doing so was to feel alone and be with his thoughts. A means to better understand the madness of the mind of the character he would play.

2. Joker Diary

Another device Heath used to keep with the character was keeping a journal. He made collages of things that inspired his interpretation in this notebook, such as excerpts from comics and photos of movie characters. He also wrote in the diary as if he were the Joker himself, a way to vent and live the crazy mind of the character. Because of this, the diary also has some disturbing and sinister passages, such as lists of geniuses, hyenas, shadows, and blind babies with brain damage.

Heath carried the journal with him wherever he went. If he felt even the slightest bit out of place, all he had to do was read one of the pages in his notebook and his mind would tune into the Joker.

3. References

As you can see from the picture in his diary, Alex DeLarge from the movie Clockwork Orange was a huge inspiration for Ledger’s Joker. Alex’s taste for violence and gestures can be identified in the Joker’s gestures and behavior in Dark Knight. As for the visual part of the Joker, his costumes had the musician Sid Vicious of the punk band Sex Pistols as the main stylistic reference.

4. The incredible makeup

Being completely immersed in thoughts of the Joker, Heath Ledger had his own ideas for the character, including the clown makeup. For the actor, the Joker would not be so careful about his appearance to the point of wearing cheap makeup. That’s exactly what Heath did: she went to a drugstore, bought the best makeup kit she’d ever found, and painted her face. The film’s director approved the look, and the makeup artists only had to worry about reproducing the style during the days of filming.

As for the scars on the face, they are a reference to the Glasgow smile. It is a scar that certain gangs in Glasgow, Scotland, inflicted on their enemies. It was very common around 1920. They used knives, broken bottles, and even credit cards to smile from ear to ear at rival gang members.

The combination of poor makeup and scars made for a daunting look. So much so that actors Michael Caine and Maggie Gyllenhaal were affected in the first scene they saw Heath Ledger in character. Maggie Gyllenhaal couldn’t look directly at Heath and Michael Caine even forgot her lines.

5. Improvisations

The actor was completely immersed in the character and seemed to have completely mastered the Joker’s thinking. This led to many spontaneous scenes and improvisations by Ledger. This was the case with his palms at the scene when the Joker is brought to the police station. It was not scripted, but Nolan liked the gesture, and the scene appeared in the film’s final version.

However, no impromptu scene is more surprising than the scene of the hospital’s destruction. The delay between the explosions that destroyed the building was planned, but not Heath’s reaction. The actor received the actual explosives detonator in hand, and when the last explosives took, he acted as if the detonator was malfunctioning. Another example of her brilliant acting and how she had mastered the character.

Another point where you can see his dedication to the role is when Batman interrogates the Joker. While filming the scene, Heath asked Christian Bale to hit him to act even more convincingly. It is surprising to know that he did not lose his smile even though he was hit.

It’s undeniable that Heath Ledger went to the extreme to play the Joker, to the point of fully dressing up as the character even on days when he didn’t have a scene to shoot. However, the actor could completely disconnect from the character whenever he wanted. It was common to see Heath Ledger having fun on film sets and even on a skateboard (dressed as the Joker, obviously).

6. Direction of videos

Heath Ledger didn’t just work as an actor and, in a way, as a makeup artist on Dark Knight. He also played a small directorial role. The Joker makes two “homemade” videos during the movie. Heath Ledger directed both. Nolan supervised it at first, but the director enjoyed Ledger’s work so much that he left him free to do the second.

It was not the first time that Ledger directed an audiovisual production. The actor had previously directed some music clips before. If you’re curious, here are the song names: Cause and Effect and Seduction is Evil (She’s Hot) by N’fa. Morning Yearning by Ben Harper. Black Eyed Dog by Nick Drake. King Rat by Modest Mouse.

7. Oscar

Heath Ledger’s role as Joker has earned him several awards, including a Golden Globe. However, the most prominent award was the 2008 Oscar. Heath Ledger was the second actor to receive the award posthumously, having won in the category of Best Supporting Actor. It was also the first time an actor had won an Oscar for his performance in a superhero movie.

The statuette was passed to actress Michelle Williams, who was Ledger’s girlfriend. They put her in charge of keeping the award until Matilda, her daughter with Ledger, turns eighteen.

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