Basic travel tips for before, during, and after your trip

Basic travel tips for before, during, and after your trip

Travel tips for traveling

These basic tips will serve as a guide before, during, and after your trip, no matter what type of traveler you are, how much you travel, or why and where you travel.

The Season

Basic travel tips

To define the date of your trip, take the season into account, this includes the type of weather you are going to see, whether or not there will be more tourism if it coincides with a holiday, it is special. This will also influence how expensive or cheap the flight, lodging, travel activities and you can save money.

Destiny Research

Researching more about the destination will help you to have a better context of the places you visit. Remember that some actions can be offensive and even a crime in other destinations.

It is also very important to know what currency it has, the type of plug if you need a visa or any vaccination to enter.

Smart Suitcase

Pack only what is necessary for the days that the trip will last. It will help you organize your outfits before putting them in your suitcase, so you will not forget anything and you will have space in case you want to buy souvenirs and do not have overweight luggage.

Emergency Kit

During a trip, you may have a headache, stomach ache, or an allergy and it is better to be prepared with a medication kit. This kit includes mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

Copy Of Official Documents

To avoid losing your official documents, we recommend that you leave them in the safe in your hotel room, but first, get a copy of your identification and passport so that you can always bring them with you.

Change Of Extra Clothes

One of the terrors of travel is that the suitcase gets lost or does not arrive with it, so we recommend you carry a change of clothes in your carry-on bag.

Use The Safe

All hotel rooms have one, so in addition to keeping your official documents, you also keep a part of your cash. Never leave all your cash in one place.

Enjoy Every Moment

Leave aside the phone and the camera, during the trip not everything is taking photos and sharing them on social networks. Disconnect, enjoy the moment and the place where you are.

Respect Destiny

When visiting another part of the world, you have to contribute to the conservation and protection of the place. Do not throw garbage, respect the monuments and their customs. Be a good traveler in every way with responsible tourism.

Finish The Trip Days Before Returning To Work

Return from the trip at least one day before you have to return to work. This way you will have time to rest from the trip and assimilate your return to the routine.

Without Ostentation

During the trip, whatever our destination, we should not flaunt luxury items such as cameras, expensive watches, or bundles of bills. It is best to carry the money distributed in several places and dress simply, no explorer uniforms to visit a city, which is also ridiculous in most cases.

Emergency Numbers

Despite all the precautions, an emergency may arise that forces us to urgently request help from anywhere. That’s why you have to keep important contacts close at hand. A good idea is to download the Travel Safe app on your smartphone, which includes emergency numbers and contact details for embassies around the world and is available offline.

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