Best inspirational movies of all time

Best inspirational movies of all time


There are movies to excite us, scare us, provoke us and there are also those that can have an effect on us beyond the screens or movie theaters when the end credits have already ended. We move away from these fictional worlds to immerse ourselves in the daily routine of our lives. In this article, you can find a selection of the best inspirational movies of all time that can help you tackle projects with renewed strength.

These are motivational and self-improvement movies that don’t just tell us inspiring stories but often transform our way of seeing things and making decisions. These are pieces of film that seem to have been created to motivate all audiences and fuel the fire of their willpower.

Best inspirational movies of all time

1. In search of happiness

Will Smith plays a father who has to face financial ruin and abandonment by his wife to continue taking good care of his son. The helplessness and lack of help provided by the individualistic society in which he is immersed will not make him throw in the towel in his struggle to find a future where he and his son can live with dignity. A life lesson teaches us the importance of fighting even when circumstances are not very rosy.

2. The diving suit and the butterfly

One of our most notable inclusions in the movie article on psychology and mental disorders is also one of the best movies on self-improvement. This feature film tells the story of Elle magazine’s former editor-in-chief, trapped in his own body due to an accident, only being able to move one eye. That won’t stop you from blinking to a nurse and writing an autobiographical book.

3. The indomitable Will Hunting

Will Hunting is a uniquely talented man who prefers to pursue his modest life goals rather than fully realize his potential. A teacher will help you to get out of this blocked situation born of conformity. One of those personal improvement films especially suitable for those who believe that they can give more of themselves. If you need an extra dose of motivation, you must meet Will Hunting as soon as possible.

4. The good side of things

An acclaimed film in which the character played by Bradley Cooper learns to cope with the difficulties of living with Bipolar Disorder when he meets Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Tiffany. This improvised duo will discover how mutual support can transform reality and decisively to improve their lives.

5. A wonderful mind

One of the most famous and remembered improvement films is the one that deals with the story of how John Forbes Nash began his successful academic and research journey in the world of mathematics and geometry, dealing with his mental problems and his fit in the society.

6. Ratatouille

Remy is a rat who dreams of becoming a great chef despite opposition from his family and the fact that, well, he is a rat. However, all this will not prevent you from associating yourself with a young chef and undertaking an ambitious project with him that could cost you your life if the clients or the rest of the kitchen staff discover it. Motivating film for all audiences teaches us that everything is within our reach if we propose it.

7. Forrest Gump

It could not be missing in a compilation of motivational films. Actor Tom Hanks plays a young man with a low IQ who, thanks to his good faith and an exemplary desire to improve, lives a thousand adventures and earns a place in people’s hearts. A classic among self-improvement films; shows us that an intellectual disability is not an obstacle to making a mark in this world.

8. The club of dead poets

In one of the most remembered roles of Robin Williams, he plays a teacher who teaches classes at an institute for upper-class young people and who, going far beyond the role expected of him, acts as a truly inspiring force so that his students discover for themselves the meaning of their lives through poetry. A moving story told with incredible sensitivity that is equally exciting and thought-provoking.

9. Untouchable

One of the most successful personal improvement films they have harvested is based on real events. Philippe is a well-off man who becomes tetraplegic and needs someone to take care of him. This person turns out to be Driss, a sub-Saharan man who lives in a marginal environment and has a criminal record. The cultural clash between the two of them will be the spark that will lead them to provide mutual support to overcome the different barriers that each one has to overcome.

10. The king’s speech

This feature film tells the story of King George VI, who ascended the British throne in the mid-1930s and had to face the challenge of being an authority at the House of Windsor level despite his marked stuttering. The monarch is not alone in his fight against speech blocking, as he has the help of a brilliant speech therapist named Lionel Logue, who plays a role similar to that of a modern coach.

11. Life of Pi

The life of the young Hindu Piscine Patel takes a great turn when the ship in which he is traveling sinks and he has left adrift in a boat full of wild animals. On his long journey to nowhere, Piscine will have to manage to share his boat with a tiger using a mixture of ingenuity, hunger for adventure, and good faith.

12. Life is beautiful

The film that catapulted director and actor Roberto Benigni to world fame. Gido is a Jewish man sent with his family to a concentration camp during the decline of Nazism. In these difficult living conditions, you will set out to protect your child’s psychological integrity by creating a fantasy about everything that happens around him. An exceptional portrait of paternal-child love despite the direst circumstances.

13. Rocky

The feature film that made Sylvester Stallone famous is also a great example of what self-improvement movies should be. Rocky is a young, lower-class Italian-American who boxed to become a heavyweight champion. Besides being a classic, it tells us one of the most inspiring and motivating stories in history.

14. Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot has a passion for dance, and more specifically for ballet. This energetic hobby is not exactly frowned upon in England in the 1980s, but Billy will devote all of his energy to fighting the social pressure that could lead him to give up on his dream. A film that addresses issues such as social stereotypes and identity.

15. The Theory of Everything

Here is how the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking faced during his youth the diagnosis of the disease that would put him in his wheelchair, and how the complications arising from it did not prevent him from pursuing an ambitious journey of learning and discovery. At the same time, he began a relationship with his first wife. An essential biographical film to motivate yourself and become what you want to be … despite everything.