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The best movies of 2021 (Updated September 2021)

Choosing the best movies of 2021 could seem an impossible undertaking. The difficulties that cinema is going through in the current situation.  With titles that delay their release date until the public can return to theaters normally.

However, the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney +, HBO, Amazon Prime, Movistar Plus, Filmin, or Apple TV has allowed us this year to accumulate a good handful of films that stand out for their quality and that has reaped the applause from the public and critics.

With seemingly discreet films like Palm Springs or Minari, even comebacks-event like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, going through blockbusters as spectacular as Dune, the truth is that 2021 is not being a blank year for a cultural industry that faces the greatest challenge in its history.

The Best Movies Of 2021 (So Far)


We’ve always wanted to see Russell Crowe unleashing himself in his most Falstaffian version, and this action thriller about a particularly crappy case of road violence delivers. And how.

Fragments Of A Woman

Vanessa Kirby confirms what British theater critics have been trying to tell us for a long time: that she is one of the best actresses of her generation. This drama about the trauma of losing a newborn child could be your passport to Oscar.

One Night In Miami …

best movies of this year

Watchmen’s Sister Night, Regina King, directs this chamber piece imagined by playwright Kemp Powers. What did Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown talk about the night they celebrated the champion’s win against Sonny Liston? Of the past, present, and future of the United States, of course.

In Fabric

You are not prepared for the places where this magnificent comedy and horror mix directed by the always fascinating Peter Strickland will drag you. Nor are you going to see female haute couture with the same eyes … We will warn you.

Fellini Of The Spirits

It is one hundred years since the birth of one of the greatest filmmakers (Italian, European, world) of all time. This documentary celebrates his life and his art through a lot of interviews and archive images, some of them unpublished.

The Excavation

One of those best movies that aren’t afraid to tackle deep issues from a demanding point of view, all rounded out by the performances of Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes. British period romance. Little joke.

Below Zero

Fans of suspense films made in Spain can go out onto the balcony to celebrate this stupendous bombshell, endowed with atmospheric precision and very, very interesting narrative tempo control.

Palm Springs

Trapped in time for a new generation, although the truth is that this sensational romantic-fantasy comedy is not satisfied with being a mere imitation of its model. We would eat the leading couple directly.


Hey, it’s Justin Timberlake, Serious Performer ™, a side of him we haven’t seen for a long time. And thank goodness, because his work as an ex-con who assumes the role of mentor for a very special boy is above average when it comes to singers/actors.

The Assistant

Claustrophobic study on the #MeToo era that finds in the interpretation of Julia Garner the best asset on which to build a discourse that is not obvious … and highly disturbing.

Raya And The Last Dragon

A future Disney animated classic that deals with a series of incredibly serious topics with the same dynamism that its animators have managed to impress on each of its characters.

Minari. Family History

Captivating family drama and quintessentially American story, no matter how much the Golden Globes made the mistake of nominating it in the non-English language film category.

The Mole Agent

This amazing mix of documentary and detective fiction needs to be seen to be believed.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The Snyder Cut is finally a reality: four hours of superhero epic as had not been seen until now. Simply the scale of this blockbuster already makes it mute.


The brand-new Oscar winner addresses a subject with naturalism and poetry, the precariousness of a North American working class who is forced to move with seasonal work, which would also have led to a heated complaint.

The Last Duel

Ridley Scott’s The Old Fox gives us one of the most remarkable films of his present creative stage, where the classicism of his staging is mixed with a good handful of extremely clever script decisions to launch a most pertinent message.

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How Covid-19 Changed Movies in 2020

Here are the first data on the actual consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic on the Italian film sector. Producers and exhibitors were particularly penalized, with the block of 20 film productions. The collapse of the box office, the surge in streaming, and the reduction in advertising investments.

For months there has been talking of the devastating consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the cinema sector. Especially regarding the long closure of theaters which only began (very gradually) to reopen only from 15 June. But what are the real numbers of this impact? A first study on the subject has arrived in recent days and speaks of a turnover of cinemas dropped to – 40%.

The collapse of the box office

In addition to the block of exhibitors, there are  20 interrupted productions and an inevitable collapse in advertising investments, according to what emerges from the UniCredit study on the effects of Covid 19 on the film industry: the data released by e-Duesse were disclosed by the virtual roadmap The Italian Way. According to the report, the first immediate effect was the slump in box office revenue. It is estimated that the cinema sector may have lost about 40% of its annual turnover in the first half of 2020 alone. Despite some initiatives to support cinemas also through streaming, such as Miocinema. We remind you that cinemas have remained closed from early March until 14 June. The first week of the opening saw only a small part of the theaters actually returning to activity, mostly with the revival of titles already released in recent months (this was the box office on June 15 ). It is naturally hoped that things will slowly change in the coming weeks and with the return of blockbusters like ” Tenet “.

The block of sets

The second effect of Covid was “the interruption of the content supply chain”, since, as already anticipated. As many as 20 film sets in progress and in programming have stopped. And a slowdown in new productions is highly probable. The third effect is the collapse of television advertising investments, with consequent damage to the production of new content. The study also explained that the impact of the pandemic has not been the same in all areas. If distributors feel protected overall because they have the opportunity to enhance their titles on the platforms. The repercussions have inevitably been more burdensome for producers. and merchants. In particular, cinemas are certainly the most vulnerable sector,

The streaming boom

The fourth important consequence of the coronavirus is there for all to see. It is the boom in streaming services, which have seen a surge in new subscribers in the months of the lockdown. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + (the latter launched in Italy, coincidentally, precisely in conjunction with the block) have certainly benefited from the situation that has brought Italians locked up at home for a long time. These giants have been joined by various “minor” initiatives. And platforms that have tried to support auteur cinema. Without forgetting the choice of releasing various films destined for theaters directly in streaming on on-demand platforms.

10 Excellent Contemporary Horror Movies No One Can Miss

There are great horror classics that have kept audiences on the edge of their seats for years and have motivated and inspired great filmmakers to explore this genre with current themes and issues that have completely conquered us.

We present to you 10 contemporary horror movies that you cannot miss.

Babadook (2014)

The violent death of her husband six years ago continues to be a traumatic event for Amelia who cannot put her life in order and even less with the indiscipline of her son Samuel, who constantly dreams that a monster will come to kill them.

Amelia is fed up with her present, however, the single mother will not only have to face her reality but also a sinister presence that seems to be the creature that haunts Samuel’s dreams and that is now captured in a disturbing book of stories called ‘The Babadook’.

The Witch (2015)

Robert Eggers’ film debut transports us to the edge of a New England forest in 1630. In this inhospitable setting, Thomasin and his family experience a series of strange phenomena: malevolent animals, the disappearance of his brother, and other disturbing events that he announces. the presence of a wicked being. Keep watching no game no life season 2

As time passes, not only does evil lurk from the forest, but the paranoia and suspicion of Thomasin’s family increase to such a degree that they feel the enemy is among them.

Lights Out (2016)

The fear of the dark was a great burden during Rebecca’s childhood but now that she is an adult she believes that this terror is just a traumatic episode from the past.

However, when her little brother Martin begins to experience disturbing events very similar to the ones that terrified her as a child, Rebecca will have to face again the atrocities that lie behind when she turns off the light.

Get Out (2017)

The acclaimed Jordan Peele’s debut feature introduces us to Chris, an African-American photographer who is about to take an important step in their relationship: meeting the parents of his girlfriend Rose.

However, what seemed to be a quiet weekend at his girlfriend’s parents’ house turns into a nightmare when Chris makes a series of horrible discoveries, mainly related to some African-American employees who live in the house.

A Quiet Place (2018)

Starring and directed by John Krasinski, A Quiet Place transports us to a dystopian 2020 where the sound has become a death sentence.

The Abbott family is one of the few survivors who has managed to live their lives in silence and thus prevent deadly aliens with ultra-sensitive ears from ending their lives. However, despite having all possible measures, these monsters can arrive at any time with the slightest noise.

Hereditary (2018)

Ari Aster’s debut feature introduces us to the tragedy Graham’s experience after the death of Ellen Taper Leigh, the matriarch of the family and Annie’s mother.

Not only does this passing plague Annie, but it also initiates a series of sinister and disturbing discoveries about her lineage and the terrible fate they have apparently inherited.

Midsommar (2019)

Faced with a last effort to prevent their relationship from falling apart, Dani and Christian, an American couple, decide to take a trip with their friends to a small and idyllic island in Sweden to enjoy a summer festival that takes place every 90 years.

However, once in the remote village, the experience of Dani, Christian, and their friends will not be the respite and happiness they hoped for, but rather a bewildering and quite disturbing journey with pagan rituals and cults that even threatens their lives.

The Wretched (2019)

Ben feels involved in a losing streak that goes from the imminent divorce of his parents to have to deal with a group of privileged teenagers every day.

However, he has no idea that his life will turn into a real ordeal when the disappearance of children, the intriguing and sinister personality of his neighbor, and a series of supernatural horrors make him face a malevolent witch.

Us (2019)

Jordan Peele proves that the success of getting Out! It was no coincidence and with Us, he claims his position as the great horror filmmaker that he is.

Adelaide, her husband Gabe, and their two children decide to spend a few days at their childhood home near the beach. However, the quiet getaway turns into a deadly nightmare when Adelaide’s old fears resurface and she and her family are confronted with an evil version of themselves.

The Lighthouse (2019)

After The Witch, Robert Eggers once again demonstrates his mastery of horror with The Lighthouse, the film starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe that makes clear how terrible and disturbing it can be to try to keep your sanity inside an isolated lighthouse in a remote and mysterious island of New England in the 1890s.

The Backpacker’s Guide to Vacation Movies: Create, Edit, and Share Your Fun on the Go

You may not be able to take every family member and friend backpacking with you, but you can shoot a nice video and send it home to them. The only challenging part is getting the right equipment. You need a fancy camcorder, a DSLR, and lots of extras, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, you can get away with using some simple equipment, some of which you probably already own.

Ready Your Combo Camera and Video Recorder

All you need for great shots in the wild is your – wait for it – the smartphone. Yes, really. If you’ve ever tried taking photos with the raw lens on your camera, you know how frustrating it can be. There’s always a lot of “noise” in the picture, and you can’t always get the lighting right – especially at sunrise and sunset.

Enter detachable lenses. There are a lot of manufacturers out there that have gone and created upgrades to your smartphone’s native lens, which is admittedly weak. An add-on lens is going to improve the image quality because the lens can do the work so your phone’s camera doesn’t have to. That means better image quality and reduced noise. It also translates into better videos.

If you want to really geek out, then opt for the Sony Qx10 or Qx100. Those are camera replacements that let you either attach the camera body to the phone or place it up to 20 feet away from you for a perfect shot that’s triggered through a personalized wi-fi hotspot.

Take A Few Optional Items

A few optional items you might find helpful include a tripod, a rig of some kind for stabilization when shooting video, and extra battery power.

Getting The Right Shot

Getting the right shot, whether it’s video or pictures, is a matter of framing your subject, capturing light properly, and then imagining a story you want to tell. With every shot, think, “what is the story I want to tell here?” Let that guide your shoot. Make sure that you’re not including random individuals in your shot, that your shots are straight or in-line, and that your videos don’t introduce a lot of noise or camera-shake.

Editing and Sharing

Editing and sharing both images and videos shouldn’t be all that difficult. iMovie for Mac, and Windows Media Player for Windows, are more than capable for any video project. They employ precise controls for importing, cropping, and doing light edits.

You can even make compilation videos if you want

When you’re ready to share your creation, consider using P2P file-sharing software. It’s a lightweight program that allows you to share your video or photos with other people directly instead of having to upload your stuff to a third-party website.

Of course, you can also do that too. YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr are the most popular sharing sites out there for video and photos. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that you should strongly consider using discretion in sharing, using strong privacy settings whenever you use third-party sites, and never hand out any personal information to anyone you don’t know through any P2P community forum.

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