Exercise, Weight Loss, and Why You Should Be In Ketosis

Exercise, Weight Loss, and Why You Should Be In Ketosis

When trying to lose weight, everyone has always been taught to do plenty of exercise, and if you have a few extra stubborn pounds around your waistline, you might have been tempted to put even more effort in to try and shift them. According to ketosumo now, in hindsight, it has come to light that this approach might be all wrong and that it could actually be hurting weight loss, for several reasons. This basically means there is a correct way to go about losing weight keto and that, without knowing this, it might make weight loss more difficult. Here are a few reasons why you might not be losing weight as you expected (no matter what you do), exercise wise:

The Wrong Foods I did this lots. Fried chicken, sugary biscuits, and cakes were my loves. We all know eating junk foods is not healthy, and there are many foods that we consider good. And they are, in fact, making weight loss keto around the belly that bit more difficult. A healthy diet makes up 80% of the weight loss battle rather than more exercise. Wow, huh? Any foods that are starchy should be reduced, and the amounts of protein in your meals should be increased (more on this in the next chapter).

You Are Probably Eating Too Much I did this too. Actually, eating the “wrong” foods will make you overeat because they are mostly high GI. Giving you a blast of energy and then making you crave more of the same. If you are struggling to lose belly fat and you have reduced your intake, it might be the case that you are still overeating without realising. You might have already cut lots out, but everyone’s bodies and lifestyles are different, and so, you might need to reduce more calories to help shift those last few pounds. It should be noted ketosis that this does not mean you have to starve when you choose the “right” healthy foods, and you will feel fuller for longer, so you will have less temptation to snack between meals. If you feel you are deprived when it comes to food, then that’s one of the reasons people slip and binge which negates all the hard work they have already done.

Too Much Cardio Exercise makes up 20% of the weight loss program, and it does keep you healthy and fend off disease and illness. And here, your metabolism increases, and it helps you to break out into a good sweat. You should break out into a good sweat daily, because this helps with water retention (explained later). Cardio has been seen as the best way to fight the flab, yet too much can aid the problem. If you eat healthily and are doing lots of cardio-type exercises, your body can be eating away at lean muscle mass rather than the fat deposits around your waste. This muscle mass is vital because it is this that burns calories when your metabolism increases. Secondly, all this cardio will increase appetite and will leave you more tempted to snack or overeat. We don’t want that. The other thing to stress, is that your heart can be placed under too much pressure with too much exercise. We want to help health, not negate it ketones. Some might argue differently, but many studies show that too much is not good. We need balance, always.

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Lifting Weights To make sure your body does not slip into this endurance-focused mode and tries to preserve itself some energy, you should ditch some of the cardio and lift a few weights. This has a couple of advantages. The first is, that it helps to maintain or build up your lean muscle mass that is all-important for burning calories. The more muscle tone you have around the body, the more fat you can burn. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Not Working the Right Way As each and everyone’s body is different, there is no set rule of how much exercise you should be doing in relation to what you are eating. This could take some experimentation to find a balance that is good and perfect for you. As mentioned above, more work in the gym is not necessarily the answer, so it is ridiculous workouts each and every week like keto os reviewsYou really don’t need to. And there is one major exercise that’s best for targeting the area of the belly. We will explain this later on!! One pound of weight equates to 3500 calories which you need to burn. So, if you reduce calories by a set amount you will naturally lose weight, albeit slowly. To get by, an average sized woman needs to consume 2000 calories per day, and an average working male needs 2500 calories per day. If you reduce your intake to: a minimum of 1200 calories, per day (for women), and 1700 (for men), you can lose 5600 calories per week which would equate to 1 1/2 lbs. per week in natural weight loss. Wow!! When it comes to your exercise, we know too much cardio can have an adverse effect. Workouts should be shorter rather than longer, yet the work you do should be more intense, and this gives the benefit of the “afterburn” effect which keeps your metabolism at a raised level for between 24-48 hours afterword, and without harming your lean muscle mass.

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Recovery Time Do light exercise that is enough to keep you burning calories. Even housework or mowing the lawn can help! And although the recommended exercise per day is 30 minutes to maintain fitness, no one should be working out for more than one hour per day. This is true, especially when they’re trying to achieve weight loss.

Sleep and Weight Loss When I was at my heaviest, I found myself tossing and turning most nights. I did all the right things, and even counted sheep, sometimes. I think the pain from my arthritis kept me up a little, but as I lost weight my sleep improved by volumes. It was like the best possible cure for insomnia, ever!

Even my boss at the time noticed that I looked “more alive” at work, as he stated. And he even told me he’d been beginning to worry about me. Thankfully, I managed to fix my problem, but there are loads of people who have this issue; it’s really draining. Losing weight changed everything for me. Sleep patterns, energy levels, and my self-esteem.

The importance of enough sleep can also come into play with regard to increased cortisol levels. If you don’t get enough sleep then these levels can rise, and they’ll show up in the following evening from when the sleep deprivation occurred. In recent times, many Americans are reporting less sleep on a regular basis, and this gives even more insight into why weight problems are so widespread. Lack of sleep can also have an effect on hunger levels which relates to two hormones called leptin and ghrelin. Leptin tells the body when it is full, and it is the function of ghrelin to send out signals for hunger. Even with just two nights where sleep has been reduced, there can be an increase in the amount of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and a reduction in the amount of leptin (satiety) levels in the blood. This leads to show us just how important sleep really is. So, make sure you are able to get sufficient sleep, otherwise your body will be receiving lots of mixed up signals. And we want balance in all ways. Balance creates harmony and healing, which can help the body to achieve weight loss. Stress relief is also a major factor, and nutrition.

Increasing Carbohydrates There is one other thing to consider when it comes to balancing your exercise with the foods you eat. Overall, a reduction in carbohydrates is one of the best types of foods to reduce when looking to lose weight. However, for workout days it is better to increase carb intake because a lower carb intake has the effect of raising cortisol levels in the body. White rice is my carbohydrate of choice. It aids the body in digestion too.

Exercise Stress In the previous chapter, it was mentioned what role stress has on the body. It forces it into a self-preservation mode and pushes fat into the abdominal region. Exercise is a stressor on the body, and unfortunately, the body is unable to tell the difference between stress from exercise and stress from work, as an example. And, if it feels stress, the body then kicks into self-preservation mode and tries to push fat cells toward the stomach. Oh no! We don’t want that, do we? This was the cycle I was in, and for months on end! It drove me crazy until I learned I was overdoing it. When you eat healthily and have a healthy balance of non-stressful exercises, your body will not try to produce these high amounts of cortisol for extended periods of time. Now, we can see that excessive exercise on a daily basis can harm your efforts in reducing those pounds around the belly, and we now know why they are so stubborn to move. So, utilize less time exercising, with a more beneficial type of exercise (we’ll cover this soon), and a healthier way of eating. This is all a major part of the secret to losing weight more naturally – especially belly fat.