Super Monsters season 4: When does it premiere on Netflix

Super Monsters season 4: When does it premiere on Netflix

Super Monsters season 4: When does it premiere on Netflix

It is not known if there will be Super Monsters season 4, but considering that it is a series aimed at a child audience, it is likely that we will have much more of these series. In general, this type of programming usually extends a lot and taking into account that it has three seasons, a fourth version would not be strange at all.

When does Super Monsters season 4 premiere?

For now, there is nothing official about Super Monsters season 4. Therefore what can be said is mere speculation. In fact, we can only be completely sure that the series will have a new season when the Streaming platform says that it will. At the moment, this has not happened, but if we take into account its theme, it is likely that there will be news very soon.

The normal thing in this type of series is that they last with several seasons, and if we take into account that they have three seasons, a fourth does not sound so far-fetched. In fact, at the moment, it has not been said that the series has ended, so you have to wait for new news.

What is Super Monsters about?

The plot of this series focuses on young monsters and magical beings who seek to learn what are the advantages of their abilities. As a result of these skills, they will learn how to master them and how to be good people at Pitchfork Pines Preschool.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that the little monsters are the children of quite popular figures, so we will be able to find “miniature versions” of Dracula, Mummy, Werewolf, Zombie, Frankenstein, etc. The plot of the series is centered in that monsters can learn to be better and grow as monsters and people.

Who will be in season four?

Until there is information on a new season for this series, we cannot say if there will be new characters. However, what we can assure you is that among its cast will be;

  • Esmie as Britt McKillip (dubbed by Yarley Gomez)
  • Igor as Ian James Corlett (dubbed by Raúl Gutiérrez)
  • Cleo Graves as Elyse Maloway (dubbed by Juliana Parra)
  • Drac as Vincent Tong (dubbed by Sergio Barbosa)
  • Frankie as Erin Mathews (dubbed by Michelle Gutiérrez)
  • Katya as Andrea Libman (dubbed by Luisa Acuña)
  • Lobo Howler as Alessandro Juliani (dubbed by Carlos Victoria).
  • Zoe Walker as Nicole Anthony (dubbed by Shirley Marulanda).
  • Spike as Diana Kaarina (dubbed by Dora Luz Moreno).
  • Sr Gambore as Vicent Tong (dubbed by Oscar Cuesta)
  • Gurbus as Brian Drummond (dubbed by Jose Cantor).
  • Luigi as Vicent Tong (dubbed by William Lozano)
  • Howler as Alessandro Juliani (dubbed by Gonzalo Rojas).
  • Carradine as Nicole Anthony (dubbed by Vilma Vera).
  • Chompy as Diana Kaarina (dubbed by Luis Moreno).
  • Sami as Erin Mathews (dubbed by Sonia Rocha).
  • Snow as Elyse Maloway (dubbed by Pilar Montero).
  • Dra Jekill as Kathleen Barr (dubbed by Liliana Espinosa).
  • Bubble as Erin Mathews (dubbed by Angélica Sáenz).

Where to see Super Monsters season 4?

This series is broadcast on Netflix, which means that whenever we want to see it, we will need to hire the platform’s services. However, it is also broadcast on television on the Discovery Kids channel.